Thursday, July 31, 2008

Consumer Rights : What can be done

So if you are reading this, most probably you or your dear ones are facing some harassment from the shop keeper/service provider. In my family, recently a baby was born. We bought a pram for him and after that a nightmare started with its different parts started falling apart. The shop keeper tried to help initially and we cooperated but when the fix also failed, we wanted our money back. The shop keeper refused. We returned the pram to shop and asked her to keep the money and pram both.
Same night, I logged in to I filed my complaint giving all details of the shop and product and problem. I didn't knew if it will help or not. Next day, I got a call from shopkeeper and she called us to collect our full money "cheque". I don't know why cheque(we paid in cash). If it's a effect of my compliant or the divine intervention we cursed her a lot). You can also try it.
Another channel I have used to log consumer complaint in past is TV Channel CNBC TV "Awaaz". They have a program named PAHREDAR. I had some issues with Airtel Billing and the thing was pending for 3-4 months. I mailed all details at The automated reply came same day. Next day I got call from Airtel and everything sorted out same day. My friend tried it and he even got offer to come to studios to detail his problem. Anyway his problem was solved. You can also give a TRY.

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Nitu said...

ya i agree with that.
there is even no need to go for log in there in the consumer right sites.only threatening to go there works alot.
my experience happened in this domain.before fortnight i purchased a LCD TV frm well famous shop of NOIDA.we searched a lot but eventhen that shopkeeper made us agree to purchase on his told cost.when we came to home and searched on net then got less price mentioned there but that was not with too much difference (within 500 Rs)we didnot take any action.but next day when we were searching for TV trolly then we enterened in another shop and found the difference of 5000 Rs on same brand of LCD TV.then took step in this regards.i went to the shop and said that plz stop our delivery of TV and i want to go for consumer forum.i was ashtonished by seeing their faces.they were requesting to sit there in cabin and requested us not to go there .then we purchased our desired modal of LCD TV (LG SCARLET)by giving some extra money and on appropriate was after reading ur blog.
thanks for ur advice in this regards.
Dr.Nitu gupta

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