Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And now in the name of Maharashtra and Hinduism

Politics and religion, both were invented to teach a civil society some rules and control the animal instinct of human being. Now it seems both are trying to bring out that animal instinct. Last month it was so called "Jihad" terrorism. Now its Raj Thakre "Marathi" terrorism. http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/regionalnews/story/2008/03/080306_kishan_hands.shtml. Follow the link. MNS activist in Pune, chopped off hands of a street vendor selling roasted grams. And again it was poor man who was victimized. These bastard politicians, they can go up to any lowest level to get votes. Whatever happened 2 days back when MNS activist charged lathis on Railway recruitment examinees in Mumbai is a sheer example of another form of terrorism. This time its regional terrorism. Something like what happened in ASSAM by ULFA or by terrorist in Hindu villages in Kashmir. When ULFA and Laskare Taiyba is considered a terrorist organization then why not MNS should be banned? Why Maharashtra govt is doing so much thinking in doing this? The courts, High Court of Maharashtra or Supreme Court, cant they take suo moto cognizance and put a ban on this organization. For the sake of someone political goals, common man whether he is from UP or Bihar or Maharashtra can be tortured like this. We have to stand for it. Government and Judiciary are selected and appointed for taking care of such problems only. We pay our hard earned Tax money so that we can sleep tight without any fear. I put this question on PM email also and request Mr Prime Minister to look in this at personal level. Being a Congress Govt in Maharashtra, he should have direct control on this.
The same story is repeated in Orrissa and Karnataka. Few terrorist organizations like Bajrang Dal and VHP, are killing innocent people. They are worse than those who put bombs in busy streets. Atleast these terrorist dont see who got hurt. Here these so called Hindu terrorist rape young kids and nuns and burn them alive. They are worst psychopaths who enjoys pain and torture. They are like mad dogs who must be killed for smooth functioning of society. I pledge all my friends and fellow citizen to condemn these atrocities anywhere happening and be vocal about them. Hate those who support them. Spread awareness because these few leaders run there rein of fear based on fear psychology of common man. Once they know that people dont fear them and hate them, it will stop.

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