Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where can you get what in Noida

Hello Friends,
Recently one of my friend asked about updating places where we can get some daily things.So here they are.

Pooja Ka Samaan:
Lucky Pujan Bhandar, Bhawani Market, Sector 27
Gayatri Pujan Bhandar, Indira Market, Sector 27
For Fire crackers:
There is a ad-hoc arrangement near Prakash Hospital in Sector 35. Its mostly for 2-3 days before Diwali. There are around 50-60 shops who sell fire crackers of various brands including Cock. The place is well secured for fire hazard and protected by Police, Ambulance and Fire deptt.

For Weekly vegetable market:
Monday       : Sector 25 A In front of Spice Mall
Tuesday       : Nithari Sector 25-Sector 31 Road
Wednesday  :
Thursday      :
Friday          :
Saturday      : Sector 19 Near Post office
All days       : 
Harola Sector 9
Sec 27 Market behind Sab Mall
Sector 37, Near Bus stand
Fish Market :
Harola Sector 4, Behind Citi Bank
Sector 37, Near Bus stand
Chicken/Mutton Market :
Harola Sector 4, Behind Citi Bank
Debons at Sector 29 Near Brahmputra Complex
Sec 27 Market behind Sab Mall
Auto Parts Market : 
Sector 8-9, Lane in front of Sector 20 Police Station
Sector 16, In front of HCL at Rajnigandha 
Sector 15 Nayabans
Folding beds/cheap mattress for bachelors :
Harola Sector 9
Sanitary Items :
Harola Sector 9
Sector 26 B Block
Hardware Market :
Sector 9 Harola
Marble :
Sector 9 Harola
Sector 47, Barola
Plywood/Doors/Fittings :
Sector 9 Harola
Printing Press:
Indira Market Sector 27

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