Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And now in the name of Maharashtra and Hinduism

Politics and religion, both were invented to teach a civil society some rules and control the animal instinct of human being. Now it seems both are trying to bring out that animal instinct. Last month it was so called "Jihad" terrorism. Now its Raj Thakre "Marathi" terrorism. http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/regionalnews/story/2008/03/080306_kishan_hands.shtml. Follow the link. MNS activist in Pune, chopped off hands of a street vendor selling roasted grams. And again it was poor man who was victimized. These bastard politicians, they can go up to any lowest level to get votes. Whatever happened 2 days back when MNS activist charged lathis on Railway recruitment examinees in Mumbai is a sheer example of another form of terrorism. This time its regional terrorism. Something like what happened in ASSAM by ULFA or by terrorist in Hindu villages in Kashmir. When ULFA and Laskare Taiyba is considered a terrorist organization then why not MNS should be banned? Why Maharashtra govt is doing so much thinking in doing this? The courts, High Court of Maharashtra or Supreme Court, cant they take suo moto cognizance and put a ban on this organization. For the sake of someone political goals, common man whether he is from UP or Bihar or Maharashtra can be tortured like this. We have to stand for it. Government and Judiciary are selected and appointed for taking care of such problems only. We pay our hard earned Tax money so that we can sleep tight without any fear. I put this question on PM email also and request Mr Prime Minister to look in this at personal level. Being a Congress Govt in Maharashtra, he should have direct control on this.
The same story is repeated in Orrissa and Karnataka. Few terrorist organizations like Bajrang Dal and VHP, are killing innocent people. They are worse than those who put bombs in busy streets. Atleast these terrorist dont see who got hurt. Here these so called Hindu terrorist rape young kids and nuns and burn them alive. They are worst psychopaths who enjoys pain and torture. They are like mad dogs who must be killed for smooth functioning of society. I pledge all my friends and fellow citizen to condemn these atrocities anywhere happening and be vocal about them. Hate those who support them. Spread awareness because these few leaders run there rein of fear based on fear psychology of common man. Once they know that people dont fear them and hate them, it will stop.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Heart Surgery for children

Why in the name of Allah?

Last Saturday, it was Delhi's turn. We all witnessed an act of shear frustration and coward ness. And that too in the name of "Almighty God". As the e-mail sent to various news channels suggest. These so called "Jihad's" or warriors for religion profess themselves as real Muslims and they attack Delhi because its capital of a "Hindutva" country India. All Delhites, specially people living in Karol Bagh and CP and GK, belong to VHP and Bajrang dal and these Freedom fighters wanted to take revenge from them.

Now coming to the victims. A family of poor people from Haryana, lost all their bread winners. These poor people were selling old cloths used for cleaning engines in Auto Market in Karol bagh. Another poor guy, who was studying Chartered Accountant, from remote city in UP. He lost his one eye. Another poor rickshaw puller Kasim and Farooq, both lost their lives. He has left Kashmir, because of the violence to live(or die) peacefully in Delhi.

I ask this question to all the Jihads and people having sympathy to their cause. What these innocent people has done to them or their religion. None of them have ant relation to VHP or Bajrang Dal. All of them were serving all religions with equal pride and affection. Then why they?

Just because they are easy prays. These cowards jihads, who boast themselves in name of Allah, don't have even that much guts to face the real culprits. I would have no complaints if they have targeted Narendra Modi or Pravin Togadia or Babu Bajrangi. But these so called jihads are such kind of criminals, I don't know how they face themselves in mirror leave aside facing Allah. Its something like, some Pehalwan hit you hard. You were helpless. Out of sheer frustration, you get hold of next weak person and start getting your frustration out on him. And over that claim that you doing it for religion and Allah. Will Allah boast such acts of cowardice. Even in Koran, which came on earth in this holy month of Ramdhan, its strictly mentioned, Don't kill children and women. Fight when you are attacked.

If these so called Jihads or Indian Mujahidins, for me they are un-organized criminals who are psychologically disturbed. They have some grudges and frustrations and they are taking it out by planting bombs on innocent people, places sneakily. Warriors don't act in hideouts or nights. They have guts to challenge enemy and face them. I spit on the face of these worms, cynical people, someone like that psycho killer who kills innocent people in darkness of night, without any fault of victims. He kills just because he is mentally sick. He enjoys it.

I request all of my friends, enemies, family, non family to take good care of themselves. Keep an open eye and foil any bid by such criminals to disturb peace of our country. For such un-organized criminals, police cant reach everywhere. Its we as citizens has to help ourselves.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A "cheap" alternative to AUTO in Delhi

As Delhi is progressing and we are seeing new means of transportation joining day by day. Started with radio Taxis, then low floor buses and now A/C low floor buses. Still Radio Taxis are in great demand as they give you safe medium of commutation, though at a higher cost. Today I saw a new Radio Taxi, Quick Cab. They are charging half the rate i.e 7.5 Rs/ KM whereas normal Radio taxi charges 15 Rs/KM. I called them up to confirm and they told me that at the moment they operate only in Delhi, No Noida/Ghaziabad ;-(. There are no hidden charges, 7.5 Rs/Km flat with 50 Rs/Hr waiting charges. You can try them in Delhi.

Contact Quick Cab : 011 45 333 333

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beware of this "phishing" mail

I got this "phishing" mail on my gmail a/c which claim that my AXIS bank a/c is hacked and I should click on given link to re-activate it. The link opens exactly as original AXIS Bank site(try it) and it asks for your I-Connect User ID(dont enter). But the link on address bar shows some birmingham site. Just to caution you that never ever get trapped by such mail.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AXIS Bank <security@axisbank.com>
Date: Aug 4, 2008 7:58 AM
Subject: Update Your Axis ® Online Banking Account !To: undisclosed-recipients

Security Alert:
Attention! Your Axis Online Banking Account has been violated!When signing on to Axis Online Banking, you or somebody else have made several failed login attempts and reached your daily limit. As an additional security measure, your access to Online Bankinghas been limited. This web security measure does not affect yourphone banking or ATM banking.Please follow the link below to resolve this problem

https://www.axisbank.com/security/r esolve=a cct

Thank You.

Accounts Management As outlined in our User Agreement, Axis ® Bank will periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements.
Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Consumer Rights : What can be done

So if you are reading this, most probably you or your dear ones are facing some harassment from the shop keeper/service provider. In my family, recently a baby was born. We bought a pram for him and after that a nightmare started with its different parts started falling apart. The shop keeper tried to help initially and we cooperated but when the fix also failed, we wanted our money back. The shop keeper refused. We returned the pram to shop and asked her to keep the money and pram both.
Same night, I logged in to http://core.nic.in. I filed my complaint giving all details of the shop and product and problem. I didn't knew if it will help or not. Next day, I got a call from shopkeeper and she called us to collect our full money "cheque". I don't know why cheque(we paid in cash). If it's a effect of my compliant or the divine intervention we cursed her a lot). You can also try it.
Another channel I have used to log consumer complaint in past is TV Channel CNBC TV "Awaaz". They have a program named PAHREDAR. I had some issues with Airtel Billing and the thing was pending for 3-4 months. I mailed all details at pehredar@moneycontrol.com. The automated reply came same day. Next day I got call from Airtel and everything sorted out same day. My friend tried it and he even got offer to come to studios to detail his problem. Anyway his problem was solved. You can also give a TRY.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A good link to download Vedas and Puranas in Hindi

From below link you can download and listen online 10 puranas and all 4 vedas.

The below link has religious text books translated in english.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally e-Passport in India

As I was discussing with some of my friends, e-passport is going to be launched in India soon. Here is the press release from Ministry of external Affairs. dt 25/6/2008. http://meaindia.nic.in/speech/2008/06/25ss02.htm . The new passport will carry a chip inside which will hold our information and can be read by a sensor just like a smart card. It is supposed to be full roll-out(what does that mean?) by Sep 2009(my passport expires then). So before re-newing our passports, should we wait for this or go ahead with old passports.Its a big question and only urgency will decide the answer.

Top Brand Prescription Drugs and their generic equivalents

I was out because of whole my family was stuck with Viral fever attack. While dealing with doctors and medicines, I found out that some medicines are sold at very high prices where as their generic equivalents are sold quite cheap. I googled and found this very useful document. Please check if you can save some of your hard earned money, still getting all benefits of that drug. And whats more, this list is prepared by FDA of USA.
I have uploaded this list at my google pages. Please download and use it at your discretion.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Van Heusen 5th July 100% womenswear free Offer

For only this Saturday, 5th July 2008, Van Heusen is running a unique offer in 6 cities i.e. Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh: Buy Menswear of any amount, and get Womenswear worth 100% of the bill value absolutely free! Throughout the day. And what's more, VH exclusive stores will open at 7am just so that our customers have an early crack at it. Sounds good? We'll understand if your initial reaction is `No way!! This can't be true!' Rest assured, it is! Of course, it's so good that we can't dream of carrying it on for more than one day!

How to make your Philips DVD Player Region free

  • Set up the DVD unit using the quick-start guide.
  • Play a DVD title for your default region just to make sure that your machine is working properly.
  • Remove the DVD and power down for a few seconds.
  • Turn the power back on and open the DVD tray.
  • Wait for the NO DISC message to appear.
  • Open the DVD tray.
  • Enter the following codes carefully via remote control: 7 8 9 OK 0 (SEVEN EIGHT NINE OK ZERO)
  • The screen will display information showing the default region and the new one.

Filing FIR Online in GURGAON

File your police complaints online, if you live in Gurgaon. A revolutionary thing to happen in India.
Spread this knowledge so as more and more people get benefit out of it.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greater Noida Authority New Scheme for Plots : July 2008

A new scheme is announced today i.e 3rd July 2008 by Greater Noida Authority for sale of 120 Sq mt and 200 Sq mt plots in sector XU -II and Sector 3 in Greater Noida. God knows where these sectors are. The rates are 10,500 Rs/Sqmt. And registration money for 120 sqmt is Rs 126000 and for 200 sq mt is Rs 210000. The last date for application is 22/08/2008 and draw will open on 22/12/2008. For forms etc check TOI delhi edition 3rd July 2008 or visit www.greaternoida.com.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Branded clothing on discount, round the year!

If you are brand conscious but pocket limits you for buying just one shirt or top, then dont worry. I tell you a shop where you get second top just free, or may be you buy 2 shirts and get 4 free. And this discount is not season based or clearance. You dont have to wait for July or Feb to buy in bulk. You can move in any time and choose from 120 leading brands under one roof and that too from guarantee that everything is genuine nothing fake, as this "Brand Factory" is run by our very own "Future Group" of Big Bazaar fame.
Now too much of good things..Let me take you to the place. The name of shop is BRAND FACTORY. Its located in Ghaziabaad near Ansal Plaza. If you go from Noida, go on NH 24 from Fortis hospital side and take a Left on NH24. After crossing Sharda Canal, you get a T-Point where a road goes for Mohan Nagar towards Right. There take a right turn and immediately after turning on right side you see AEZ Mall. This mall houses BRAND FACTORY and a FUN CINEMA along with Big Bazaar.
If you are coming from Delhi side, on NH24 after the flyover of Ghazipur and before sharda canal, take left on this Mohan Nagar T Point and you see this AEZ Mall. If coming from Mohan Nagar, its behind Ansal Plaza which is on main road.
For your ease I also give you google map of this place. Really nice, all brands ranging from Tommy Hilfiger, VH, Levi, Lee, D&G, Arrow Docker Adidas, puma, Nike etc there at discount price.

View Larger Map

Some very usefull Mobile applications

If you have a Java based mobile and un-limited GPRS connection, here are some very useful mobile applications. As these applications work on GPRS, if you dont have un-limited GPRS connection, I recommend not to use these applications.

  • Mini Opera - Internet explorer for mobile. Must for web browsing on mobile. Download ver 4.1 from http://www.operamini.com/ from your phone or PC.
  • Gmail for Mobile - Very useful tool to check your mail on mobile. To get this visit m.google.com/mail from your mobile
  • Gmaps for mobile - Very useful tool to check your area maps on mobile. To get this visit m.google.com/maps from your mobile
  • IRCTC mobile - Fed up of crashes on your PC accessing Indian railway ticket booking site, use this simple application on any java mobile. Very convenient and fast. To get this go to this link http://www.irctcmobile.co.in/ and enter your mobile no there.
  • EQO - A good messenger application which support MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, QQ, ICQ and Jabber on single application. Follow link to download www.getjar.com/products/11966/EQO or www.eqo.com
  • Fring - Best application for mobile to mobile/PC Voice chat without using GSM. That means your voice will be going as GPRS data and not as GSM call. If you have unlimited GPRS connection and a symbian phone, talk free with any one anywhere in world. To download www.fring.com
  • Internet Radio - Wanna listen some good songs without advertisement?? Here it is radio.mundu.com

Orkut banned in your office: Still check your scraps

In most of corporate world Orkut site is banned as it kills lot of official time. But still you can check the orkut scraps as webfeeds. Here is the link.
1. Goto this link www.orkutfeeds.com
2. Now enter the orkut URL of the person whom you want to see the scraps.
3. To get the Orkut URL
3 a. Check your mail where you get Orkut scrap. That mail has Orkut URL of the person who sent you scrap. But this will not give you your own orkut URL.
3 b. Open your orkut from your personal PC. After login, at your orkut home, the text in web browser bar is your Orkut URL. Copy it and send it as mail to your official mail id.

Food home delivery in Noida

This sunday I wanted to get some delicious chicken delivered to my home in noida and I got stuck as I didnt have phone numbers to call. Then I collected few of them posting them here. I hope people will append them as comments.
Kam Bhoj - 0120-2430413 Sec 37
Kitchen of punjab- 9873263285 - CSM
Tiffin - 0120-4254990 - Sec 20
Pizza hut - 0124-3911111
Centralised call center for NCR
Mc Donald - 0120-2513634
Dominos - 0120 - 2512049-53 Sec 18 Noida
SkyLark - 0120 - 2525336 - Sec 19 Noida
Yo China - 0120 - 4326615-18 - Sec 18 Noida
VCD Home Delivery -----------------
Pandey - 0120 - 4354026 Sec 12 Only original
colaba - 9810576111 - Sec 22 Pirated too

Some bollywood blog addresses

I give some link to some bollywood blog which i follow daily. Enjoy.

Amitabh Bachhan Blog http://blogs.bigadda.com/ab/ - Regular/Literary
Aamir khan Blog http://www.aamirkhan.com/blog.htm - Occasional/diary
Ram Gopal Verma Blog http://rgvarma.spaces.live.com/ - Frequent/thoughts
Salman Khan Blog http://duskadum.blogspot.com - Frequent/self appraiser

Here I give one more link. This site tells about box office statistics for all indian movie released.www.ibosnetwork.com

Important customer care numbers!

Important customer care numbers
ICICI Bank Customer Care Number
Bangalore - 4113 1877
Karnataka - 98455 78000
For other cities, click here. Phone Banking workflow click here.
Citibank Customer Care Number
All Citibank customers - Bangalore - 2227 2484. For other cities, click here
Citibank Suvidha account holders - Bangalore - 2227 2265. For other cities, click here
CitiBusiness Customers - Bangalore - 2229 4653. For other cities, click here
Citibank Credit Card - Bangalore - 2227 2484. For other cities, click here
Priority service to CitiGold Customers, Diners Club Members & Citibank Gold Card members - Bangalore - 2229- 4653. For other cities, click here
HSBC Customer Care Number
Banking related - Bangalore - 2558 9595
Credit card related - Bangalore - 2558 9696
For other cities, click here
HDFC Customer Care Number
Debit card related - 9945863333
Banking related - Bangalore - 5500 3333. For other cities, click here
Credit card related - Bangalore - 6622 4332. For other cities, click here
ABN AMRO Customer Care number
Bangalore - 4124 5555
SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number
Karnataka - Bangalore - 98441 05454 (people are reporting that this number does not work. If you know a number that works, please let me know!)
All India Toll Free - 1600 180 1290 (works only on BSNL and MTNL Line)
Try : 1800 180 1290 too. May work!!!
Other lines : 39 02 02 02
UTI Bank Customer Care Numbers
Bangalore (M G Road) - 2537 0615
Bangalore - 2531 7830
Mumbai - 022 5598 7700
For other cities, click here
IDBI Bank Customer Care Number (Phone Banking)
Karnataka - Bangalore - 080 22297000
Mumbai - 022 66937000
Delhi - 011 23627000
Chennai - 044 28295550
For other cities, click here
Manhattan Credit Card Customer Care Number
Bangalore - 3030 1969. (this number seems to work in Mumbai too! Give it a try in your local city!)
Standard Chartered Credit Card Customer Care Number
Bangalore - 2558 8888 (updated). For other cities, click here
Deutsche Bank Customer Care Number
6601 6601 (this number is available in Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolhapur, Kolkata and Mumbai. If dialing from Gurgaon / Noida please prefix 9511 before dialing.)
Airtel Customer Care
Dail 121 from your airtel mobile
Karnataka - 98450 98450 - For prepaid if you are calling from landline
Karnataka - 98450 12345 - For postpaid if you are calling from landline
Hutch Customer Care
Karnataka - Dial 111 from your Hutch phone or dial 98860 98860
BSNL Mobile Customer Care (Cellone & Excel)
Karnataka - Dial 94480 24365
For other cities, click here.
Reliance Mobile Customer Care
Call 3033 3333 Or dial *333 from your Reliance Mobile
For other numbers, click here.
Reliance Broadband Customer Care
Call 022 - 3033 7777 Or dial *377 on your Reliance phone
SpiceJet Customer Care
From BSNL/MTNL : 1800 180 3333
Others (GSM/CDMA): +91 98718 03333
LIC Policy Details (Life Insurance Corporation)
Call - 1251 or
New Delhi 011 - 2332 9595
Mumbai 022 -2612 5555
Kolkata 033 - 23341765, 23211893/94/95
Chennai 044 - 28602626/28602929
Hyderabad 040 - 2329 7455
Bangalore 080 - 2248 5210
Pune 020 - 2553 6161
Ahmedabad 079 - 2550 7777
Yahoo! India Customer Care
I am not sure if these numbers work, but give it a try & leave a comment!
Bangalore : (080) 39805078
Chennai : (044) 39119494
Yahoo! US “Customer Service”: 1-866-562-7219 (for yahoo.com)
Yahoo! Small Business/Store: 1-866-800-8092
Other US Yahoo! numbers to try
+1 866-850-4303
+1 866-562-7228
+1 408-349-1572
+1 408-349-3300
+1 408-329-5151
+1 800-318-0631

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