Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Orkut banned in your office: Still check your scraps

In most of corporate world Orkut site is banned as it kills lot of official time. But still you can check the orkut scraps as webfeeds. Here is the link.
1. Goto this link www.orkutfeeds.com
2. Now enter the orkut URL of the person whom you want to see the scraps.
3. To get the Orkut URL
3 a. Check your mail where you get Orkut scrap. That mail has Orkut URL of the person who sent you scrap. But this will not give you your own orkut URL.
3 b. Open your orkut from your personal PC. After login, at your orkut home, the text in web browser bar is your Orkut URL. Copy it and send it as mail to your official mail id.

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