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P-N Junction Diode Vs Marriages

A little bit of explanation of a term going to be used in the article many times before I start it.
P-N Junction diode is a electronic device used in many applications including mobile charger, cord less phones, TV etc.  This piece of writing is related to this P-N junction diode. I read somewhere that laws of Physics also termed as Laws of Nature. After spending so many years in Electronic Industry(for those who don't know, Electronics is a branch of Applied Physics) I can relate some behavior and properties of materials with human beings. The comparison is sought between P-N junction Diode and Marriages.

A P-N junction Diode is made by bringing a P-Type element and N-Type element together and making a junction out of it. A marriage is made by bringing a female and male together and making a union out of them. P-type element are essentially pure silicon with some added elements. Due to effect of these elements(impurity), P-Type element are very receptive towards electron. N-Type material are also pure silicon diffused with some excess electron elements.

Males are essentially creation of God with some impurities. They are also very attracted towards opposite sex. Females also have that extra amount of sensitivity, emotional etc. Both are imperfect and both want an opposite to compensate their impurities.

Now when P and N type materials are brought near to each other, some electrons(negative charge particles present in N Type devices) cross the junction and occupy empty spaces in P type devices. This is called depletion layer.

When a woman meets a man, all the worries and emotional baggage is transferred to man. Effectively after transferring so many things, woman becomes neutral and contended. Men who always wished to have some one to take care, initially seem happy and contended as the HOLES are filled.

When a P type material makes a junction with N type, some area near junction is formed where there exist no free place or free electron. As free electron is required for current flow, this area becomes barrier for more flow of electrons. This is called junction barrier. In Applied electronics, to use this junction diode, one need to apply a potential difference across P-N junction. If potential of P type is more than N type, a current flow across the junction. This situation is called Forward Bias. If potential of N type is larger than P type, called Reversed Bias(in most of applications, Diodes operate in Reverse Bias) , more and more electrons from N type enter P type and make this junction barrier thicker and thicker. This will further act as blockage to electron movement and no current flows across junction.

So what is this potential (Voltage) Difference or "Biasing" equates to real life? Is it love or money or Control???

My Bangalore Experience

Since last 2 years, I moved to Bangalore. So now sharing my experiences with you in & about Bangalore.

Bangalore is almost half in size of Delhi with no satellite towns as of now. The population of Bangalore is now almost 10 million (almost 2/3 of Delhi population). So its densely and un-evenly populated. Infrastructure is still developing so you will miss some wide 6 lane roads here if you are coming from Delhi. Still people are well cultured and they follow traffic rules and etiquette. It rains a lot here so during monsoons, traffic crawls specially near underpasses where it takes some time to clear the water clogging. So advisable is to stay close to workplace.

I am staying in east Bangalore near Marathalli and would share some things which normally people look for in this area.

Daily vegetables : No street shop probably due to rains. So you will find fixed shops selling vegetables in your area. Also vegetable are cheaper in Malls if you can shop for 1 week.
Near Marathalli, there is a Vegetable market(Google Map Link), which reminds me of Harola(Noida) though not as big. Its near Marathalli Bus Stop, just opposite to Ganesh Temple.

Fish Mandi : If you can travel a bit far, HAL Subji mandi(Google Map Link) is a bigger one. Here you also get variety of Fish (specially Bong people love this area). Make sure to reach upto 10:00 AM in morning to get good catches.

Chicken Shops : They are distributes around the city and no need to go to special shop.

Mutton Shop : Mutton is scares in Bangalore. People eat sheep not goat. I found 1 in K R Puram though my family didnt like that. Its infront of K R Puram Railway station (Google Map Link) though my advice, eat chicken. One another shop I found in Kundanhalli is New Frostys. It has goat mutton.

Pooja Items: Again, Marathalli Bus stand has many shops selling pooja items. They are adjacent to Ganesha Temple (Google Map Link), Also on the same street, you will find Mehndi walas sitting on special occasions like teej, karwa chauth. Another area to look for is New Thippasandra (Google Map Link).

Doctors: My experience in Bangalore with Doctors is not that great. Biggest hospital in east Bangalore is Manipal, which is private, but the services are like semi-private. Almost all Big doctors visit this hospital. This is very crowded and dr appointment are hard to get. Appolo and Fortis have opened their clinics in Kundanhalli Gate & Marathalli respectively. (You can search for the same in Google). I prefer Appolo over Fortis as their staff is better. For diagnostic, recently opened Yashomati Hospital in Marathalli is good option. For Kids, I found Dr Narmada Devi good.(http://www.littleangelsclinic.com/). I am seeing her for my 3 yr old son. She avoids Anti Biotic and over all good doctor.

Food: Now comes my favorite part. Being a foody, that too outside food.

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