Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Why in the name of Allah?

Last Saturday, it was Delhi's turn. We all witnessed an act of shear frustration and coward ness. And that too in the name of "Almighty God". As the e-mail sent to various news channels suggest. These so called "Jihad's" or warriors for religion profess themselves as real Muslims and they attack Delhi because its capital of a "Hindutva" country India. All Delhites, specially people living in Karol Bagh and CP and GK, belong to VHP and Bajrang dal and these Freedom fighters wanted to take revenge from them.

Now coming to the victims. A family of poor people from Haryana, lost all their bread winners. These poor people were selling old cloths used for cleaning engines in Auto Market in Karol bagh. Another poor guy, who was studying Chartered Accountant, from remote city in UP. He lost his one eye. Another poor rickshaw puller Kasim and Farooq, both lost their lives. He has left Kashmir, because of the violence to live(or die) peacefully in Delhi.

I ask this question to all the Jihads and people having sympathy to their cause. What these innocent people has done to them or their religion. None of them have ant relation to VHP or Bajrang Dal. All of them were serving all religions with equal pride and affection. Then why they?

Just because they are easy prays. These cowards jihads, who boast themselves in name of Allah, don't have even that much guts to face the real culprits. I would have no complaints if they have targeted Narendra Modi or Pravin Togadia or Babu Bajrangi. But these so called jihads are such kind of criminals, I don't know how they face themselves in mirror leave aside facing Allah. Its something like, some Pehalwan hit you hard. You were helpless. Out of sheer frustration, you get hold of next weak person and start getting your frustration out on him. And over that claim that you doing it for religion and Allah. Will Allah boast such acts of cowardice. Even in Koran, which came on earth in this holy month of Ramdhan, its strictly mentioned, Don't kill children and women. Fight when you are attacked.

If these so called Jihads or Indian Mujahidins, for me they are un-organized criminals who are psychologically disturbed. They have some grudges and frustrations and they are taking it out by planting bombs on innocent people, places sneakily. Warriors don't act in hideouts or nights. They have guts to challenge enemy and face them. I spit on the face of these worms, cynical people, someone like that psycho killer who kills innocent people in darkness of night, without any fault of victims. He kills just because he is mentally sick. He enjoys it.

I request all of my friends, enemies, family, non family to take good care of themselves. Keep an open eye and foil any bid by such criminals to disturb peace of our country. For such un-organized criminals, police cant reach everywhere. Its we as citizens has to help ourselves.

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